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A wonderful review in the Vancouver Sun

A huge thank you to Tom Sandborn for writing such a thoughtful, insightful and beautifully poetic review of my book for the Vancouver Sun and other news publications. It is a wonderful experience to feel as if my book has been read with an open heart and its intentions fully understood. The best reviews position your work within the wider world of literature and teach you something about your own work. Tom has done all of that, and made me cry just a little too!

Here is my fave paragraph from the review:

The narrator is not tempted by Mommy Dearest-style mother bashing. Instead, she revisits memory in search of understanding, tenderness, and forgiveness.

But make no mistake. This novel is not an invitation to sentimentality. It does not smear forgiveness like spackle over the cracks in Elizabeth’s life. Instead, it reads those cracks like those on an oracle bone, attaining a level of hard-won serenity and acceptance.

Thank you, Tom!

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