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" you the unexpected is what this promising young writer is best at...a whip-smart storyteller." 

Globe & Mail Review of Buffy Cram's writing

--Globe & Mail

"...a terrific melange of overt weirdness and exquisite subtlety." 

San Francisco Book Review of Buffy Cram's writing

--San Francisco Book Review

“[Buffy Cram’s] narrative voice is… deeply introspective, angry, a little quirky, and undeniably smart. 

Barnes & Noble review of Buffy Cram, author

--Barnes & Noble (

" entertaining read, and Cram's writing pulled me from story to story with its promise of wit and a new lens through which to see the world. It is not every writer who can successfully combine stories about Dead Heads, dystopian futures and moustache conspiracy theories, and that Buffy Cram not only did so, but did so in her first collection, is an exciting indication of what she might have in store for us in the future."  

National Post review of Buffy Cram, award-winning author

--National Post

"...[a] speculative, off-kilter tinge....allows Cram to represent shifts of mental and emotional ballast with a very light and descriptive touch."

Quill & Quire review of Buffy Cram, award-winning Canadian author

--Quill & Quire

"Buffy Cram's debut short story collection is full of the stuff publishers salivate over. Oddball characters -- a between-careers museum writer; a girl who believes her belly picks up radio -- in absurd situations -- on a giant island of plastic after the Armageddon; facing a growing hoard of middle-class homeless. Cram's stories, like her characters and situations, are slightly unhinged...Cram shows she doesn't need a smile to be smart, leaving you hungry for more."

Telegraph Journal review of Buffy Cram, award-winning Canadian author

--Telegraph Journal

"Buffy Cram's book of short stories, Radio Belly, is full of kooky tales that reel a reader in and don't let go. She tackles issues, but combines them with magical thinking, so that the resulting stories are both really far out, but also very real at the same time."

Vancouver Sun review of Buffy Cram, award-winning Canadian author

--Vancouver Sun

"...because of [Buffy Cram's] characters' strange quirks, they seem to leap off the page and stand before you fully formed in glorious living colour...a must read."

Vancouver Weekly Review of Buffy Cram, award winning author of Once Upon An Effing Time

--Vancouver Weekly

"...I found myself loving Cram's quirky and original perspective, as well as her observant description and unique story-telling. Readers looking for a fresh short story collection, or even just something a little out of the ordinary, would be well served by picking up Radio Belly."

In the Next Room review of Buffy Cram, award-winning Canadian author of Once Upon An Effing Time

--In the Next Room

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