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Buffy Cram, award-winning Canadian novelist, author of Once Upon An Effing Time and Radio Belly

Photo by Jackie Agostinis

Once Upon An Effing Time, a darkly-funny page turner of a novel by Buffy Cram

It’s 1969. To save her mother, Margaret,  eight-year-old Elizabeth commits the first of many crimes. She steals the keys to a school bus called “Far Out” and they flee their home, in pursuit of free love and rock n’ roll.


South of the border, broke and with their options narrowing, Elizabeth transforms herself into MeMe Fantastica, a roadside psychic, who speaks primarily in Bob Dylan song lyrics, and Margaret becomes Fran Sisco, her agent. As this mother-daughter duo move from diner to diner, reading fortunes and encountering a weird and wonderful cast of misfits, hustlers and clowns, it becomes clear America is at a tipping point. Before they know it, they have been seduced into an end-of-the-world LSD cult in New York City and Elizabeth is faced with another choice: whether to save herself or follow her mother down the rabbit hole.


A quirky, thrilling, darkly-funny page-turner that explores the fuzzy lines between sanity and insanity, magic and reality, love and duty.

“…giving you the unexpected is what this promising young writer is best at…a whip-smart storyteller.”

Globe & Mail review of Buffy Cram, award-winning author

--Globe & Mail


“…a terrific melange of overt weirdness and exquisite subtlety.”

San Francisco Book Review of Buffy Cram, award-winning author

--San Francisco Book Review

"Cram’s stories, like her characters and situations, are slightly unhinged…leaving you hungry for more.”

Telegraph Journal Review of Buffy Cram, award-winning Canadian author


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